Monday, 26 January 2009

How to make money in Kazakhstan or The Kings are naked

Yesterday I nearly bought two tickets to the Gipsy Kings concert. As you see on the picture, the famous band is coming to Almaty. Gypsy Kings and Manolo. Wait, who is Manolo? Never heard of him... Whatever, I thought to dance to the original "Bamboleo" anyway...

On the local forum I read that these guys are not the REAL Gipsy Kings!
I called the organizers of the concert and they tried to convince me that the real Gipsy Kings will come to Almaty! The ticket prices were between 45 and 210 USD and it made me almost believe them!

The official website of the band does not say a word about their tour to Almaty and they will be performing in Orlando instead. I read also that so -called "Gipsy Kings and Manolo" are fake and it is not the first time they posing as Gipsy Kings. Who knows, maybe next time we will have a chance to see and hear Elvis Presley live ;) Nothing is impossible in Kazakhstan!


  1. Typical scam to copy the name of a famous band. I had a friend whose son was trying to open a car import company. He wanted to register the name Mercedes Kazakhstan Trade, even though he planned to import Japanese cars! But he said Mercedes was such a prestigious name it would get him good business. Who would be fooled?

  2. oh man i almost went to that concert too but i was sick. a good thing i was sick (thought i never say that!).

  3. Anonymous17/8/09 11:06

    I think these guys played in Yerevan, Armenia in May 2009.

  4. Your an idiot how about you find something better to do than bash Kazakhstan on this useless websit of yours... If you dont like the country then GET THE FUCK OUT OF IT...Im sure the locals will be happy to hear you left!!! haha KAZAKHSTAN ALGA!