Friday, 9 January 2009

What to drink in Kazakhstan?

Needless to say that Borat has set Kazakhstan on the world map at least for Americans.
I wonder if people believe that Kazakhs drink horse urine...
R almost believed Borat when I brought a bottle with some suspicious liquid in it. You can see it on the picture to the right.
So, what do you think? Actually, I love this drink, it is very very healthy, made from wheat, rye and corn crops fermented naturally according to the ancient recipe. The taste reminds a little of beer or slightly Russian kvas ( svagdricka fast inte så sött). Excellent source of vitamins and minerals. We used to drink it in Bishkek during hot summer days.
Big bottle in the middle is kind of feremented sour milk drink, very good one too.
Traditionally, Kazakh drink Kumis, alcoholic fermented mare's milk. I'm not so fond of it, but you can also find different types of kumis in the store:
Here you can find good selection of Georgian and Moldavian wines, smth you cannot legally buy in Russia for example. Lucky you, but I will skip the wine for a while ;)


  1. Кумыс это вкусная штука!