Sunday, 1 February 2009

Sushi school

If you are looking for McDonald's in Almaty, you won't find a single, in fact, none in the Central Asian republics. And I don't care when some people measure development level of the country by the availability of McDonald's fast food restaurants. Should we measure development at the expense of people's health?
There are healthier fast food alternatives and for me its sushi. Today this simple Japanese meal is conquering the world and Kazakhstan is not an exception. There is even a sushi school in Almaty. I couldn't miss the opportunity to take a lesson in making sushi! Here are some pictures from yesterday:

Sushi school

The first rollsHere you see how to make Philadelphia rolls. You wrap cream cheese and cucumber in rice, the upside-down technique. Then you wrap the roll into tiny spices of salmon with help of the plastic wrapPhiladelphia roll wrapped in the plastic wrap. Cut the slices with the wrap on, then take off the plastic. Invented in Russia, Philadelphia roll is the most popular sushi type here in Almaty.Sushi made by me ;)
Aren't they beautiful?
Philadelphia roll, nigiri sushi and karai unagi ( eel spicy sushi)

After sushi we learned how to make salad Syake-Sarada, fried rice with vegetables and chicken teriyaki. Here is the salad:


  1. Супер! Давай учись, откроешь потом у нас тут такую же школу, а мы все будем к тебе ходить! :)

  2. Настя-сан к вашим услугам :)

  3. I didn't know that we have a "Sushi school" in Almaty. This is great! If you could just give me an adress? Thank you in advance!

  4. It´s fun to try! Sushi school расположилась в ресторане Дайкон. ул. Казыбек Би (Советская), 62 (угол Желтоксан)


    (727) 272-20-69
    (727) 272-21-29