Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Vincent Antonio's Grand Entrance!

Our baby boy, Vincent Antonio, was born last Monday, April 20 at 16.49 at "Keruen-Medicus" maternity clinic in Almaty. He weighed 3700 gr and is 55 cm long.

Our delivery story is short -- the whole delivery took less then 2,5 hours.

As I wrote before, I was laid at to the maternity clinic for observation on Monday, the 20Th of April. We arrived to the clinic and I didn't know what to expect and how long I would stay there.

My husband R and I speculated that our baby wanted to be born under the Taurus sign since it was the last day of the Aries. At the mid-day we were sure there were no chance to be born the same day.

The nurse checked me at 14.30 and at the same moment waters had broken .Almost immediately I went into labor with a lot of pain, contractions were strong and came every second minute. R arrived and helped me with massage, I tried to remember the breathe technique and it helped a lot in the beginning. After one hour of unbearable pain, shaking knees and sweating I called for epidural. I was told that labor usually takes between 12 and 18 hours for first-time mom. Just thinking about pain for another 10 or more hours was impossible. I got epidural and had to wait for another 20 minutes until there were no pain. Not long after it was time to push. I couldn't believe it. After another 20 minutes our baby was born. The whole delivery took 2 hours and 20 minutes. Vincent made a fast entrance into this world under the Aries sign. It was amazing and unrealistic to feel his body at my stomach. R helped to cut the birth cord.The clinic staff were surprised that everything went so smooth without even tearing. Who said that a 29-year old women is too old to be a first-time mom?

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  1. Anonymous1/5/09 15:56

    well done girl!!! you did a GREAT job!!!! lots of love Elgi xxxxxx