Monday, 4 May 2009

Breastfeeding is a life-style

There are three reasons for breast-feeding:
the milk is always at the right temperature;
it comes in attractive containers;
and the cat can't get it.
Irena Chalmers

Having a baby makes your life different, I would say very different. Almost all time goes to breastfeeding Vincent. We are two employees with full-time and overtime job: Vince is responsible for eating and me for feeding him. He is always hungry my little boy, he also likes to combine sleeping and eating. In between I try to do some basic things such as taking a shower or grabbing some food for myself. No wonder there is almost no time for blogg update. I'll be back soon with some nice pictures.


  1. Anonymous7/5/09 01:54

    Härligt att "höra" att allt gått bra!
    stort grattis till er alla 3!
    Hälsningar Rolf

  2. Anonymous9/5/09 19:04

    Nastya, I know EXACTLY what you mean dear ;)
    I felt exact same thing : breastfeeding all the time.....its a hell of a job ;)))) never knew. but it does get better when he is bigger and you used to it too. all the best to you and vincenso;))) love, Elgina xxxx

  3. Anonymous10/5/09 02:27

    Очень тебя понимаю! Работа у них такая!
    Я так для себя решила, что это природа специально так устроила, чтобы мамашка не носилась после родов, как шальная, а сидела смирненько, и отдыхала. Мне так очень по кайфу до сих пор кормить:)