Thursday, 2 April 2009

12 days left... I hope...

Many people are wondering if I'm still pregnant. Yes, I am, as you can see on the picture. Seriously, I don't know if my belly will keep on growing for another 12 days. It's already on the edge of explosion. I can't really complain, all pregnancy period have been pure joy for me.

Some people are wondering how I spend all free days in Kazakhstan. As my friend said, it's great we have nine months to realize and get ready for parenthood. Just reading books how to take care of a newborn is time-consuming. Internet is still the worst time-killer for me so I force myself to go out for long walks. Training yoga is good both for body and soul
and I try to do it every day.
Few weeks ago I got obsessed with the idea to play piano after 15-year break (since I graduated from the music school). What a pregnant women wants... she gets. I've chosen keyboard, sounds and feels almost like piano plus hundreds of other functions, instruments sounds and possibility to create own music.


  1. Anonymous3/4/09 13:23

    vad fin du ser ut, roligt att se bilder!
    Stor kram

  2. Tack Carolina! Snart är magen borta, hoppas jag ))))

  3. Anonymous5/4/09 17:24

    What a pregnant woman wants...she gets - 5 ballov :) Dazhe hochetsja zaberemenet :) Kramar!