Thursday, 9 April 2009

Baby names-2: Top-10 in KZ

Baby names is the topic of the day. In the latest issue of a local magazine"My child" I found top-ten baby names in Kazakhstan.

Kazakh female: Aruzjan, Tomiris, Zere, Aulim, Ajazjan, Aidana, Aiim, Aisulu, Simbat, Amina.

Russian female: Alina, Maria, Arina, Milena, Polina, Evelina, Diana, Anastasia, Kseniya, Darya.

Kazakh male: Meirzjan, Miras, Sanzjar, Il'yas, Tamerlan, Alisher, Alihan, Ramazan, Askar, Abilai

Russian male: Egor, Il'ya, David, Nikita, Daniil, Daniel, Maksim, Yaroslav, Emil, Dmitrii.


  1. Anonymous14/4/09 20:40

    Thank you! I write a web-comic with Russian and Kazakh characters and this will help with naming some of them! (But I also wonder what the most common names are for adults?)

  2. Thank you Meredith for your comment.
    The most common adult Kazakh names I would say:
    Male: Azamat, Nurlan, Talgat, Askar,Baurzjan.
    Female: Aigul, Gulnara,Sholpan.

    Most Russian names have Greek origin and are different from Kazakh ones. Most common adult Russian names:
    Male: Alexandr, Vladimir, Mihail, Sergei,
    Female: Anna, Maria, Natalia, Tatiana, Irina

    Good luck with your web-comic project. It would be great to have a look at it when it's ready))

  3. This is awesome! I write a baby name blog and I was looking for some Kazakh names. This was really helpful.

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