Saturday, 14 February 2009

Hearts and roses for breakfast

That's what my dear R got for breakfast today. These sausage hearts takes just few minutes to make. That's why you can make it every day for your beloved, friends and why not for yourself.

You need to split a sausage in two parts leaving one end unsplit. Then you connect two spare ends together by a toothpick. Now you can fry eggs in the sausage. I took quail eggs, three for each sausage and some green paprika. Garnish with dill and leek ( green onion).
That's what I got from my dear R. He knows I like flowers ;)


  1. Fint! Vad söt han är, din man :) Själv hade jag värsta baksmällan efter en vinprovning på jobbet, så det blev alvedon till frukost :)

  2. I bet you don't have roses like these back in Sweden, do you? :)