Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Cultural life in Almaty

R and I have set record for theater and opera visits in Almaty. Each week we go to new performances and enjoy our cultural life make-over. On the other hand we don't have many options for other kinds of social activities. There are almost no restaurants, pubs or other public places with non-smoke area. The sound level in the cinema is very high and I feel that my baby doesn't appreciate it.

Actually, it's cheaper to go to the 2,5-hour performance in the Drama Theater or 3-hour opera then to go to the cinema. It's still communist prices -- 5-10 dollars for a ticket to the theater. And as you see, the closest theater of opera and ballet (the yellow building behind the blue one) is just across the street from us:


  1. I hope it's real ballet dancers from Bolshoy coming to Stockholm in March, haha. We are getting cultivated over here as well you know.


  2. Anonymous19/2/09 06:46

    Ohhh, ya tozhe hochu v teatr-operu za 10$ :))