Friday, 20 February 2009

Glimpses of Almaty

One sunny day I took a picture of the the Ascension Cathedral. It is said to be the second tallest wooden building in the world (54m).
Entrance to the Uzbek restaurant "Kishlak". Good food and entertainment programme.
Arasan Baths with three types of bath : Russian, Finnish and Turkish. We have to go there one day. The birch beating and massage in the Russian sauna are very popular.
Twin Towers of Almaty.
Karaoke Bar "ZAPOI". Well, if you understand Russian, you get the double meaning ;)


  1. Anonymous23/2/09 18:02

    But I want to know, I get curious, what is the double meaning?

    And I hope you are well, is the tummy growing big? Here at the RFSU-office in Stockholm it is a regular stressful monday ;-)


  2. "Zapoi" here is a word play and I don't really know whether it was done on purpose by the owners of the bar.
    "Zapoi" means two things:
    - an imperative form of verb "to sing". Smth like "Let's sing"
    - "hard drinking" also called dipsomania ("periodsupning" (?))

    Im getting bigger. I miss you and even some stressful days at RFSU :)