Monday, 19 January 2009


I have seen another famous movie about Kazakhstan... no, not "Borat II". The movie is called "Nomad" or "Кочевник" (2007), historical epic about the great Kazakh leader Ablai Khan who defended Kazakh people from invaders in 18th century. The government of Kazakhstan has invested 40 million $ in the movie production making it the most expensive Kazakh movie ever made.

Well, I liked the nomadic scenery and the costumes but the rest... the acting is poor, the plot is boring, naive and somewhat pathetic. Hold on, the movie starts with the title "by order of the President of Kazakhstan" and ends with the presidents patriotic speech. Let's imagine any other president do that.

Most of all I wonder why the main characters are played by white guys who do not look like Kazakh at all. Ok, if it would be a 100% Hollywood production, but the movie is made by a Kazakh-Russian-American production team and directors Ivan Passer, Sergei Bodrov and Talgat Temenov. Anyway better then "Borat" being produced in Romania.


  1. And you have bad taste in movies if you think Nomads wasnt good...And Nazarbaev can do whatever the hell he wants! He's the president! When your president (which is never) you can start and finish in a movie too! So STFU!