Saturday, 3 January 2009

Another trip to the mountains or how to escape the pollution

Турист обращается к сидящему у сарая местному жителю:
- Любезный, не подскажете ли, как мне побыстрее попасть вон на ту гору?
Житель задумчиво посмотрел сначала на туриста, затем на гору и отвечает:
- Хотите, я собак отвяжу?

Today we went to the Butakovka Gorge ( Урочище Бутаковка), a scenic place famous for its waterfall, located at 1860 meters.

We didn't reach the waterfall. After 40 min walking uphills we were more then exhausted.

We did enjoyed the surroundings and fresh air. If you don't want your lungs turn black, you have to leave the city for a while. First I thought it was fog covering the city, located BTW in the valley... Now every time I look out of the window, I see the smog obscuring the Almaty skyline. Considering the number of cars in the city it is not strange at all. Won't Almaty need to start dealing with it?

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  1. Like I have previously stated if you dont like it GET THE FUCK OUT! Kazakhstan will be much happier without you other ethnicities coming in like your a part of the society or something hahahaha