Sunday, 5 July 2009

Vince can swim!

When Vince was one month old we took three lessons from a swimming instructor for newborn. First day I was watching how my baby get massage and got into the water in the hands of a experienced instructor. The second day it was my turn to repeat the whole procedure. What should I say, it was not an easy job for anybody, especially when I had my precious little boy in my hands. Since then we repeat the whole procedure with massage, swimming, going under the water for 4 seconds and few seconds under the cold water called acclimation every day.

Vince learns how to handle himself in the water. At first we helped him to hold his head with a pair of ribbons on the bonnet with five foam rubber blocks. The bonnet calls here " mermaid bonnet" ;)
Now he can float with three blocks himself! He moves through the whole jacuzzi ;)
Ohhh, going under the water is a hard job!

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  1. Anonymous7/7/09 10:24

    wow, thats impressive, Nastya!!! Well done to Vince ;) Elgina p.s. I love visiting yr blog. its always very interesting ;) xxx