Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Dancing salsa in Almaty

1. Beginning Dancer: knows nothing.
2. Intermediate Dancer: knows everything; too good to dance with beginners.
3. Hotshot Dancer: too good to dance with anyone.
4. Advanced Dancer: dances everything, especially with beginners.”

Obviously salsa has conquered the world and Kazakhstan is not an exception. There are three salsa schools in Almaty and two latino clubs (Cuba and Copacobana). I cannot advice on them since our baby-life does not get along with a club life ))) . Here you can see some shots from an open-air salsa dancing. If you are in Almaty and love latino beat, don't miss the event (Sundays, Kirova-Kunaeva str in front of the fountains). By the way I was surprised they danced bachata as well.


  1. Cuba club in Almaty!!!

    Sounds Fantastico.

  2. Anonymous8/9/09 00:13

    !!!!???!!!! and we have none in Tashkent!!!!
    I have to move to Almaty... really. I MISS SALSA dancing!

  3. Hi,

    If Salsa dancing is your choice then here are a few tips when it comes to choosing a salsa class you would find that there are various styles of salsa available with Cuban Style Salsa, LA Style Salsa & New York Style Salsa being the three main types. you learn the basic steps needed for the next level before advancing does not allow new persons to join in an ad hoc fashion. Usually the structured classes are carried out at various venues so if you miss one of your sessions at your venue you can do a make up class at another venue on another weekday which is an added convenience.

  4. It's amazing to see how Latino music have taking such a rapid extension around the world. In fact I learned to dance salsa, meringue and bachata when I was stationed in Afghanistan back in 2004-2005. A year later I went to Kazakhstan on vacation and it was to my great surprise to observe how crowded was the salsa floor in Almaty. Normally I would have spend the night enjoying the whole event. Unfortunately, I had to leave early for there were a drunk individual in that room who didn't seems to enjoy the company of foreigner. Over all, Kazakhstan is a great place for vacation, and people there are very friendly. Thanks to my friend Aisaule from Kazakhstan who took me to such a fantastic place. I really miss Almathy!

    Good people! Great place and a lot of fun!

    Pussy cat(DPA)

  5. Do you know if these groups are still active?