Monday, 6 July 2009

Paradise 70 km away

Last weekend we went to the Kapchagai Lake, located just 70 km to the north from Almaty.
Kapchagai Lake is a man-made reservoir formed in 1969 for the purpose of building the Kapchagai Hydroelectric power station. In the absence of the sea (Kazakhstan is a landlocked country) Kapchagai attracts people from Almaty and vicinities. I was amazed that an artificial lake can be so beautiful:

On the way to Kapchagai, the closest town has the same name. The road to the lake is in a bad condition, which is quite strange, it's a popular place to go, so the government could have used the taxpayers money to renovate the road. They say, Russia has two age-old problems: fools (often referred to governors) and bad roads. It seems, Kazakhstan suffers from the similar problems. Watermelons, melons, apples, honey are sold on the wayFinally at the destination! The entrance fee to the beach was 1500 tenge (10 USD). If you have any food or drink with you you have to pay 4000 tenge (25 USD). Probably the restaurant folk would not have any job if everybody came with own food basket. R looks at the menu, Vince looks at the lake.
Me and Vince, my big boy!


  1. Krasota! Udivitel'no chto za vjezd nado platit da eshe i za pronos edi...ran'she bilo besplatno :)) No voda kazhetsja takaja golubaja ne bila :))

  2. Anonymous30/3/11 08:53

    I sure miss Kazakhstan, for all the splenders of the US, It can't compare to KZ