Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Ciao Kazakhstan!

Tomorrow, the 29th of August it's time to leave Kazakhstan. The contract is over, a bit earlier than planned, but it's fine. I'm head over heels to come back to Stockholm!Can't wait to meet my family, friends, colleagues. I've missed you guys a lot. My home is where my dearest people are and that it so true.

Living in Kazakhstan has been a nice experience, different one due to the pregnancy and Vincent's birth. Today our best friends, by the way expats from Tunisia, came to say goodbye. "Sosed", we miss you but definitely meet you in Mahdia to drink mint tea and eat tons of baklava.
The question is:" What to do with the blog?" Should I close it? or find another topic, which is probably my baby by now. If you have any ideas, pls write.
Vincent -- the Kazakh man!

Baklava to die for!


  1. Anonymous9/9/09 14:53

    What a wonderfull Blog.
    Pleeeeaaaase! dont close it.

    Mounir ben Youssef

  2. Hello !

    My name is Claire and I'm a 27-year-old French woman, married to a Japanese.
    We are going to live in Almaty from january 2010 to december 2012.
    I liked your blog very much, especially since you talk about your pregnancy. Actually it's my biggest concern. I speak no Russian yet and we would like to try to have a baby soon. Do you think it's possible for me to do it in Almaty ? I'm very afraid of what other expats told me about the security and hygiene conditions there (I visited what they call "international hospital" and it was awful), but I can see in your blog that you have been taken care of very well.
    So what would you tell me about it ? Which hospital would you advice me ? Are there English-speaking doctors ?

    If you have time, you can send me an e-mail at :

    Thank you in advance, and congratulations for your cute Vince !

  3. Please don't close it. It very informative.