Thursday, 13 August 2009

Adventures in Thailand

I have definitely less "free" time now (and as a consequence to update the blog) since Vincent sleeps only few hours during the day and the rest of the time goes to entertainment, playing, feeding and walking.

We've survived our first long-distance trip. Now i think I can take Vincent everywhere, almost everywhere except some extreme cold, hot and high spots on Earth. It's possible and even joyful to travel with babies if prepared. Thailand is a great country to stay with kids: good infrastructure, high -quality medical services, friendly people (especially to kids), wonderful food at any choice, nature, beaches, etc. Extreme humidity and absence of baby car seats whatsoever were two inconveniences for us. The contrast between air-conditioned rooms and sauna-like outdoors was tough for Vincent, he was sweating a lot often wearing a sweat moustache. Here area few pics:

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